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Some boutiques like Etos just feel like home, except that you are surrounded of rare, beautiful objects and pieces of art coming from different places of the world. Meet Mercedes Desio and Alberto Villalobos the two talented interior designers and owners of this temple of chic simplicity. Both coming from an International background, the two friends met while studying at the Design school of New York. Their passion to merge the old with the new led them to open their furnitures and interior design boutique in New york a couple of years ago.

Tell us about your background and how you opened your store?
Mercedes: After living in several places around the world, I settled in New York City where I studied finance at NYU. Once I obtained my finance degree, I pursued my passion for interior design, which 
I developed since my early years while drawing floor plans for my father, and earned a degree from NYSID. Now I’m working on different projects in Miami, New York and London.

Alberto: I studied interior design in Colombia while working in an art gallery developing my passion for art. I deepened my knowledge after moving to New York and getting a degree from the New 
York School of Interior Design. After working in the trade for some time, I developed my own clientele and have worked on several projects commissioned by my clients in New York, New Jersey, Miami, 
and Colombia.

Where do you find your pieces, furnitures, art work? What are your selection criteria?

We find our pieces in Europe (France, Italy) and South America (Argentina, Colombia). We try to pick things that are unique and not as easy to find here in the States. Clients are very educated in decor these days and it is important to try to stay ahead of them by selecting items that are different.

What are the last acquisitions you made and are “must have”?

We really like to purchase glass domes that hold vintage items inside as well as natural objects. They are interesting items that give any room a “cabinet of curiosities” feel.

You also offer interior design personal consultations: any advices, tips about how to decorate or furnish a small space especially in big cities?
Avoid clutter and make sure to paint the walls in neutral colors as well as make sure that the furnishings are neutral so the space feels larger and timeless. Use colors as accents.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
Hopefully in 5 years we have a more solidified design business and we can hopefully start designing our own line of furniture.

For more information visit
67 E 11th St # 2  New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-3056