Le Bazhaar


I saw Basquiat, the Julian Schnabel 90’s movie inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat’s life. I was quite disappointed by the film as I was expecting to see more of the artist: his early life (except an opening sequence with his mother, we don’t really know about Basquiat’s past), how he became a major figure of modern art, his entourage… Of course his encounter with Andy Warhol, played by David Bowie, which will lead to a close friendship and work collaboration is well depicted but unfortunately that’s the only thing I thought the director was focused on, except his love affair with the beautiful Gina. We all know Basquiat was prisoner of his drugs addiction which was a way for him to create, escape from his own world and probably a severe depression. I want to believe there was more than the omnipresent despair during the whole movie, I usually like authentic biopics with no embellishments but this one just felt a bit unexplored for such a major art figure.