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The wonderful World of Delfina

Delfina Delettrez (Image from the Gentlewoman magazine)

Defina Delettrez is the daughter of Silvia Fendi, heiress (third generation) of the Eponymous Italian fashion luxury house. Delfina launched her own jewelry line in 2007 and instantly catched the eye of fashion experts. Between fairy tales and nightmares Delfina creates one of a kind pieces. Despite her young age and introvert personality, she is a true artist with a real vision who is not scared to push her creative limits. She would probably be part of the Dali, Schiaparelli or Man Ray Surrealist group if she was born 80 years ago, welcome to the wonderful world of Delfina!

 Salvador Dali’s picture
Delfina Delettrez hand jewel
 Ballerina in a death head, Salvador Dali
Delfina Delettrez bracelet and cuff
Delfina Delettrez ring, choker and cuff
 Elsa Schiaparelli claws gloves
Delfina Delettrez bracelet and ring
Mae West, Salvador Dali
 Delfina Delettrez jewels on wig during a presentation
 The Burning Giraffe, Salvador Dali
Defina Delettrez brooch
All jewels images from www.delfinadelettrez.com 

Vintage find

One of my dearest friend offered me this beautiful purse and bracelet that she found at the Garage vintage space in Chelsea New York. She knows how much I am obsessed with vintage! Apparently the bag is from the 60’s era… The bracelet is a lizard which I love because of the sparkling stones and it reminds me of a totem.

The Garage Chelsea
112 west 25th street
New York, NY 10001

More than a pretty face

Giving back or fighting for a cause is the most honorable thing. Whether they are activist, philanthropist or ambassador these fashion beauties show the example and try each day to make our world a better place for those who suffer and need help. The list is long but I particularly wanted to highlight the women below who are passionate and hundred per cent dedicated to their cause. They are a true inspiration…

 Lauren Bush Lauren, model, designer and spouse of David Lauren is the creator of the FEED Organization (under the UN World Food Program patronage) that fights poverty and hunger in third world countries. 
To learn more visit www.feedprojects.com 
 Model and actress Liya Kebede, has been featured in prestigious ad campaigns such as Gucci, Lacoste or Estee Lauder, she founded the label Lemlem to help preserve the craftsmanship of weaving and encourage work opportunities in Ethiopia. Liya has also her own foundation, the Liya Kebede Foundation, which goal is to reduce maternal newborn and child mortality in Ethiopia and around the world. 
Please visit www.theliyakebedefoundation.org 
 Model Ubah Hassan probably looks familiar, that’s because she has been the face of Ralph Lauren ad campaigns since a few seasons and featured in prestigious fashion publications over the past few years. Ubah is an Oxfam sisters on the Planet ambassador and recently launched Maji Umbrellas. Each umbrella sold ($40 value) provides a day’s worth of clean water for 20 people in the Horn of Africa.
Please visit www.majiumbrellas.com 
 Kyleigh Kuhn half model, half humanitarian started her foundation, Roots of Peace, that fights against land mines in dangerous war thorn countries and protect the communities leaving in these territories. Kyleigh is known for reversing almost all of her modeling earnings to her foundation and recently help building a girls high school in Afghanistan. She also works on projects linking the fashion industry and non profits/philanthropic causes.   
Please visit www.rootsofpeace.org
Heiress, model and fashion editor Amanda Hearst founded Friends of Finn that fights against domestic animal cruelty. Amanda also has a column in Marie Claire magazine where she features fashion labels and designers specialized in sustainable and eco-conscious clothing or accessories lines. 

To Watch: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is the typical representation of the American “Girl next door”,  at least that’s what I thought until I saw the remake of 80’s flick, Footloose, (yes I admit I saw it twice, but on TV!). I started to like her and think maybe she’s more than that, there is actually an interesting duality in Julianne: in addition of being pretty, she’s candid and strong at the same time. No wonder why the successful TV Producer Ryan Seacrest fell under her charm… Most Recently she played in Rock of Ages also starring Tom Cruise.
Here’s a shoot she did for Interview Magazine which I love, first because it’s in black and white and second because anything related to the ballerina world is always beautiful which perfectly suits Julianne!

All images Photography: Patrick Demarchelier, styled by Karl Templer
Watch the making of the shoot here

Ad Campaigns

There are two ad campaigns that I particularly love right now: Celine FW12-13 ad featuring Daria Werbowy who seems to have zero make up, which I think is sooo modern and avant garde in the current beauty/fashion context and the David Yurman campaign featuring one of my favorite model, Arizona Muse who just look divine!

Cartier Obsession

Although I have always admired the craftsmanship and legacy behind high jewelry houses, I have never been obsessed by a piece in particular or see myself wearing big diamonds or dramatic stones, even if I could afford it! I’m not sure what has awaken this sudden interest, but lately I can’t stop thinking about Cartier jewels especially, the Panther line which as you may know is emblematic of the French luxury house. This is no surprise that Cartier counts several legendary and charismatic personalities such as the Duchess of Windsor among its lifetime prestigious clients.
Another obsession is the Cartier Love Bracelet, symbol of eternal love and commitment. Indeed the bracelet can only be removed with a special screwdriver, how romantic is that?!

 The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
 Vintage Cartier brooch, Duchess of Windsor private Collection
Love Bracelet Cartier