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The wonderful World of Delfina

Delfina Delettrez (Image from the Gentlewoman magazine)

Defina Delettrez is the daughter of Silvia Fendi, heiress (third generation) of the Eponymous Italian fashion luxury house. Delfina launched her own jewelry line in 2007 and instantly catched the eye of fashion experts. Between fairy tales and nightmares Delfina creates one of a kind pieces. Despite her young age and introvert personality, she is a true artist with a real vision who is not scared to push her creative limits. She would probably be part of the Dali, Schiaparelli or Man Ray Surrealist group if she was born 80 years ago, welcome to the wonderful world of Delfina!

 Salvador Dali’s picture
Delfina Delettrez hand jewel
 Ballerina in a death head, Salvador Dali
Delfina Delettrez bracelet and cuff
Delfina Delettrez ring, choker and cuff
 Elsa Schiaparelli claws gloves
Delfina Delettrez bracelet and ring
Mae West, Salvador Dali
 Delfina Delettrez jewels on wig during a presentation
 The Burning Giraffe, Salvador Dali
Defina Delettrez brooch
All jewels images from www.delfinadelettrez.com