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Florence and the fashionistas

Everybody has frenetically sang at least once the 2010 enchanting “Dog days are over”. Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machines, in addition to be on top of charts since her debut album, fascinates the fashion scene with her sharp taste when it comes to wear designers (Valentino,  Givenchy Couture…) for select parties and prestigious red carpet  events. Blake Lively, who became a close friend of the singer, invited her to perform to her secret wedding to actor Ryan Reynolds a couple of days ago and Gucci Creative director Frida Giannini just announced that she will be designing Florence’s costumes for her next tour. What’s next for Florence? One thing we know is there will be more couture breathtaking looks to come!

Florence Welsh in Valentino Couture
Florence Welsh in Givenchy Couture
Florence Welch shot in the street in Valentino
Gucci sketches for Florence Welch costumes stage
Blake Lively and Florence Welch