Le Bazhaar

Liz the greatest

If you are living in the United States you probably know that there is a movie inspired by the love story between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton that came out on the Lifetime channel. Lindsay Lohan interprets Liz, I haven’t seen it so I won’t comment miss Lohan’s performance but physically speaking it’s difficult to tap the icon beauty. I believe that the stars of yesterday had an aura that almost doesn’t exist anymore

Elizabeth Taylor wedding picture
(image courtesy of life magazine)

 Liz and Dick on Lifetime

visit www.mylifetime.com

In the mood for…

a brimmed hat for the winter! Not too large, not too small just the right size. I have put together a little inspiration board to help in my quest of finding the perfect wide hat…

From the top left: Faye Dunaway, Mick and Bianca Jagger, Brigitte Bardot, Fashion writer Stephanie Lacava, Emily Blunt wearing a
Balenciaga hat for Time Style and Design, Anita Pallenberg, Sienna Miller, Diana Ross, Saint Laurent SS13, Mila Kunis

Douce Ingenue

Ingenue: an actress who specializes in playing the role of an artless innocent young girl.

This definition perfectly applies to French actresses fragile and sensual beauty which has been envied from all around the world. Even if most of those images are 30 or more years old, they always do their effect…

Carole Bouquet
Isabelle Adjani
Catherine Deneuve
Emmanuelle Beart
Sophie Marceau
Brigitte Bardot





Fashion and Impressionism

After two attempts I finally saw the Fashion and Impressionism exhibit in Paris Musee d’Orsay. The exhibition is a beautiful journey in the impressionism movement and how some of the most famous artists’s work was highly influenced by the evolution of fashion and lifestyle.

Here are some of my favorite paintings, if you are going to Paris or already there, it’s a MUST SEE, you will be blown away!

Exhibition sign in front of the Musee d’Orsay
A view of the exhibit (image from
parispelemele.fr source AFP)
A view of the exhibit (image from ladepeche.fr)
Le balcon by E.Manet (image from aufeminin.fr)
Painting by J.Beraud (image from evous.fr)
The red salon at the exhibit (image from francetvinfo.fr)
La fille au boléro rouge J.Tissot
(image from allartclassic.com)
Dans la serre A.Bartholome
Portrait of Irma Brunner E.Manet
(image from meltyfashion.fr)
Bal sur le bateau J.Tissot

 La Mode et L’Impressionisme

Musee d’Orsay Paris

From September 25th til January 20th 2013





Post Card: Le Pont Des Arts in Paris

Meaning the “Arts Bridge” is one of the most emblematic historic monument located in the heart of Paris. The view from the bridge is beautiful and offers a wonderful panorama on the Seine river and the Musée d’Orsay. Since a couple of years, the lovers from all around the world celebrate their mutual love by putting lockers with their names or inials on the bridge railings. They are now called “Cadenas de l’Amour” (“Love lockers”)…

View from Le Pont des Arts
The Musee d’Orsay view from the bridge
The Love lockers, Les cadenas de l’amour


The Chloé Attitude

I went to the Chloé exhibition at The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and it was by far the most refreshing fashion presentation I saw since since a long time, I just wished it was bigger! If there is something to remember from this retrospective, it’s the fact that the Chloé woman is timeless, of course she LOVES fashion, she is audacious, a subtil mix between Lolita and Femme fatale. But she never takes herself seriously because life is too short! Wondering how to adopt the Chloé attitude? Follow the guidelines below…

Take gracious poses like model’s Natasha Poly (and yes you have to wear a little white dress and pearls just like Natasha otherwise it’s pointless)

Don’t be afraid of unusual details like glitters, funny shapes or playful prints (even better wear them during the day or to go to work)

Pay tribute to the late 60’s by wearing flower and psyche printed blouses and long dresses (for immediate effect, burn a candle and listen to “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles)

Play with your hair, wear wigs or weird hats, anything to get noticed (for the first two images, you might need a very good friend ready to follow you in your delirious games)

Be unpredictable: be a baby doll one day and a temptress another (and yes it’s recommended to hold a glass just like Paloma Picasso to avoid any hysteria, especially in the street)

Last, but not least, apply all the above ALWAYS by wearing a pair of ballet flats (Now you have the Chloé attitude)

Chloé Attitudes exhibition until Nov 18th at the Palais De Tokyo

please visit www.palaisdetokyo.com

All the pictures on mannequins have been taken during the exhibit. Natasha Poly is photograped by Patrick Demarchelier, Jane Birkin by Guy Bourdin and Paloma Picasso by Helmut Newton

Chez Marion

My friend Marion lives in the cutest apartment ever in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.  She has such beautiful and delicate things that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her place! Marion who is a sales advisor at  Hermes is also a true creative: she opened her own blog  Chocolat et vieilles dentelles which is a mix of cooking recipes, vintage finds and good addresses, on top of that she loves to sew or give a second life to purses found in flea markets among other things… I hope you enjoy the visit as much as I did!

 And if you are in Paris make sure to stop by Marion’s private sale of her handmade accessories line on

 Nov 24th from 3 to 7pm at

Les Piplettes 31 rue Brezin 75014 Paris

Feathers”bibi” hat handmade by Marion


Dancer Statue found at a trade show in Paris
Sergio Rossi white snake skin
“Mary Jane” sandals
Vintage Sonia Rykiel Jacket
Marion’s great grand parents in the 1920’s
Frames from the British street art artist, Banksy
Art Deco style statue found at a flea market
Hermes silk printed scarves
Flower embroideries pillows from India

Glass bottle found in Marion’s grandparents basement
Marion’s trends and ideas carnet
Porcelaine dishes
Customized vintage bag with collage prints
“Claudine” collars made by Marion
Hermes bangles
Vintage necklaces and bracelet

The Beef Club Ballroom

Two of my friends took me to this great restaurant rue Jean Jacques Rousseau called The Beef Club. Apparently it’s quite difficult to get a table as the steakhouse opened a couple of months ago, and it’s still a new concept for Parisians so I guess we were lucky! The meat is excellent, the staff friendly and the little plus is to finish the night at the Ballroom lounge downstairs where you can enjoy original cocktails with ginger or absinthe while the DJ is spinning some hype club music…

The Beef Club

58 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau

75001 Paris