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The Chloé Attitude

I went to the Chloé exhibition at The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and it was by far the most refreshing fashion presentation I saw since since a long time, I just wished it was bigger! If there is something to remember from this retrospective, it’s the fact that the Chloé woman is timeless, of course she LOVES fashion, she is audacious, a subtil mix between Lolita and Femme fatale. But she never takes herself seriously because life is too short! Wondering how to adopt the Chloé attitude? Follow the guidelines below…

Take gracious poses like model’s Natasha Poly (and yes you have to wear a little white dress and pearls just like Natasha otherwise it’s pointless)

Don’t be afraid of unusual details like glitters, funny shapes or playful prints (even better wear them during the day or to go to work)

Pay tribute to the late 60’s by wearing flower and psyche printed blouses and long dresses (for immediate effect, burn a candle and listen to “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles)

Play with your hair, wear wigs or weird hats, anything to get noticed (for the first two images, you might need a very good friend ready to follow you in your delirious games)

Be unpredictable: be a baby doll one day and a temptress another (and yes it’s recommended to hold a glass just like Paloma Picasso to avoid any hysteria, especially in the street)

Last, but not least, apply all the above ALWAYS by wearing a pair of ballet flats (Now you have the Chloé attitude)

Chloé Attitudes exhibition until Nov 18th at the Palais De Tokyo

please visit www.palaisdetokyo.com

All the pictures on mannequins have been taken during the exhibit. Natasha Poly is photograped by Patrick Demarchelier, Jane Birkin by Guy Bourdin and Paloma Picasso by Helmut Newton