Le Bazhaar

Miam Miam!

If you love sweets and good deserts like me, I highly recommend those two places for the holidays, I discovered them while in Paris last month thanks to my friend Marion!

Les Pipelettes is a lovely cosy place to share homemade delicious deserts, shop exclusive gourmet products or enjoy a healthy yet yummy brunch on week ends. The two owners, Aline and Agnes, are so adorable and passionate that they make sure when you come in you 100% enjoy the experience!

Les Pipelettes

31 rue Brezin 75014 paris


Chez Bogato is deliciously regressive, you will be instantly transported back to your childhood, I saw candies there I used to have when I was 8! It’s also a great address if you are looking for a funny, one of a kind gift…

Chez Bogato

7 rue Liancourt 75014 Paris