Le Bazhaar

Hello 2013

Kate Upton for vogue uk January 2013 issue

 2013… I am not a big fan of 13’s number, 2012 sounded more optimistic, full of hopes. As expected the end of the world prophecy did not happened but some disturbing tragedies stroke us towards the end of the year which proves that 2012 is just a number, it doesn’t mean the world will become a better place from one day to another because “2012” sounds positive.

So maybe 2013 won’t be horrible or perfect but perhaps a decisive, empowering year. At least, we can work towards it and try to be more involved in causes that speak to us. We all have something that particularly awakens some compassion or pain… Just by doing a little gesture it actually helps changing things!

On a lighter note, I chose this picture of Kate Upton posing for Vogue UK January issue because it just reflects an optimistic way to see fashion, beauty, and if we push further, life (yes a glamorous life!)… I want to see more diversity, curvy, healthy models when I read magazines and look at ad campaigns. One of my main resolution is to make Le Bazhaar always more enjoyable, inspirational, fun but most of all know how lucky I am to be able to express myself and share everything I love! I wish you all a terrific and full of happiness year, and it will be if you decide it.