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Vanessa Paradis is mostly known for being the French discreet but stylish girl, a longtime Chanel’s brand ambassador and of course the ex wife of Johnny Depp with whom she had two kids. But for me and most of European people, Vanessa is a symbol of a generation, a talented actress and singer we grew up with often bullied for her ballsy choices (In Noces Blanches she interpreted a disturbed young student who has a passionate affair with her teacher). Her Lolita style has evolved over the years depending on who she was working with, dating or sometimes both…My favorite period was when she released the album she made with Lenny Kravitz, simply called Vanessa Paradis. With Lenny’s influence she became this reincarnation of a 70’s bohemian baby doll but with the 90’s distinctive touch. After 6 years, Vanessa is releasing a new album which critics are already praising, the perfect occasion to pay her a little tribute!





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Lenny Kravitz with Vanessa Paradis
Lenny Kravitz with Vanessa Paradis
New Libe Next Magazine cover with Vanessa Paradis
New Liberation Next Magazine cover with Vanessa
Paradis (image courtesy of Liberation)