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An afternoon in Brooklyn

My friend Marion visited for a couple of days, she wanted to discover this highly coveted area of New York. Our focus was Williamsburg famous for the hipster and artists community (think beards, skinny jeans and plaid shirts!), vintage stores, antiques shops, flea markets, cool bars, healthy awesome food restaurants or joints are really part of the life here…The little bonus of the day was to see actress Anne Hathaway (no picture sorry!) shopping in a little clothing boutique on Franklin street, in Greenpoint. Hope you enjoy this little tour, all the addresses will be at the end of the post, enjoy!

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Williamsburg street art
Williamsburg street art
Shoes Comptoir des Contonniers
Shoes Comptoir des Contonniers

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At the Beacon Closet Williamsburg
At the Beacon’s Closet Williamsburg

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View from the roof top of the Wythe Hotel Williamsburg
View from the roof top of the Wythe Hotel Williamsburg
at the... Market Williamsburg
at the Smorgasburg Market Williamsburg

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Mast Brothers Chocolate

111 N 3rd St  Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jungle Garden

61 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

Beacon’s Closet

(Vintage, trade and sell your clothes)

88 N 11th street Brooklyn, NY 11211

Wythe Hotel

(Roof top bar and Reynard restaurant downstairs)

80 Wythe avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

Smorgasburg Flea market

(food, vintage and antique)

N, 7th street Brooklyn, NY 11211

Artists and fleas

(Jewelry, vintage)

70 N 7th street Brooklyn, NY 11211