Le Bazhaar

The Sound of the Nature

Nothing is better than a silent yoga retreat (this one was organized by the great team of Yoga To The People) in the middle of nowhere to regain some energy and motivation. The best part is to reconnect with nature, simple things and most importantly yourself, yes it’s scary and destabilizing but with all the distractions we are surrounded by everyday chances are you never take the time to actually do nothing and just be. The pictures below were taken at the Menla Mountain retreat located in Phoenicia, close to Woodstock, and the landscapes were just beautiful! I wish we could hear through the pictures the birds, insects, the wind gently caressing the leaves, the deers taking their daily round walking gracefully on the grass, it’s called the sound of the nature…




Yoga To The People has several yoga centers in New York and other U.S Cities, please visit www.yogatothepeople.com

For more information about the Menla Mountain Retreat, please visit www.menlamountain.org