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The Wives

Welcome to a brand new category called “Where I live”. I had the chance to live in different countries, and it might continues in the next couple of years so why not make the other benefits from my experience?! I am now between Lagos in Nigeria and Paris, two opposite worlds but with common factors such as a tremendous cultural, artistic environment and buzzing life. I would like to share with you my favourite spots and anything interesting happening in both cities. Talking of interesting, I went to see a play called, The Wives, starring Evaezi Ogoro, Odenike, Kaylah Oniwo, Olawumi Heavens, Patrick Diabuah and David Azeez. It’s about the drama, rivalry and dirty secrets between the wives and the sister of a powerful man who just died. It’s funny, sarcastic, clever with an unexpected twist at the end. They only had one day of representation at Terra Kulture (future post coming up on this venue!), but check out the production company Paw Studios website  for upcoming plays…