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Vive les vacances*!


I was lucky this Summer to visit fantastic places (St Malo, Dinard and Deauville, Trouville in France, Florence and Guadeloupe), so I thought it would be nice to share some of the pics and good spots to extend the vacation spirit a little bit!

St Malo and Dinard (France)

To do: Le Baragwin creperie, Le Tournesol creperie, Les Thermes de St Malo hotel and spa, Le Cargo Culte restaurant, Le Benetin restaurant (a bit far from St Malo but the food and view are amazing) the St Malo little train tour to learn about the city history

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Deauville and Trouville (France)

To do: La Promenade de Deauville, Le Casino de Deauville, Le Central brasserie in Trouville (fresh fish, seafood and meat in the pure French brasserie tradition), the Martine Lambert ice creams cult in both Deauville and Trouville you can taste them in most restaurants.

IMG_4537 IMG_4538

IMG_4610 IMG_4592 IMG_4583 IMG_4577 IMG_4560

Florence (Italy)

To do: Hotel and spa Four Seasons (just gorgeous, the definition of luxury), Uffizi Gallery and Academia Gallery (for art masterpieces), Ferragamo Shoe museum, Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy (a Florence institution), Villa San Michele hotel and restaurant (amazing view, the most romantic restaurant), The Westin Excelsior Roof top lounge, Obica restaurant (temple of the mozzarella)


IMG_20150728_115157 IMG_20150728_115822 IMG_20150728_123432 IMG_20150728_134936

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 Guadeloupe (Basse-Terre, Les Saintes island)

To do in Base-Terre: The Beach of Club Med, La Toubana hotel and spa, La Pointe des Chateaux (local art craft, and beautiful landscape), Les Saintes Island (20 mins away from Basse Terre with the boat): Ti Kaz La, 1 Ti Bo Doudou (best restaurants of the island), la Villa Kazanis (house to rent), Le Coconut bar


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*Happy vacation