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Beaute Congo

Autoportrait from artist Moka
Autoportrait from artist Moka

It’s been a while since I wanted to post about this great exhibit, Beaute Congo 1925-2015, that I saw at the Fondation Cartier. The exhibit showcases the work of congolese artists such as Cheri Samba, Cheri Cherin, JP Mika, or Moke, a journey in the early days of Congolese art to nowadays masterpieces. Colours, love, humour, music and sharp look on society and social political country issues are illustrated in powerful paintings, collage and photography without forgetting the tribute to the famous “Sapeurs” group, those African dandys who made their way of dressing a truthful lifestyle. This exhibit shows how much African art is rich and meaningful and by seeing the new garde of artists, we can only be happy to see that they stay true to their legacy and continue to make a considerable impact in the art world. So if you are lucky to be in Paris don’t walk, run to see the beauty of Congo.

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