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Change is good

Actress Lupita N'yongo for ELLE UK January 2016 (image courtesy of ELLE UK)
Actress Lupita Nyong’o for ELLE UK
January 2016 (image courtesy of ELLE UK)

A new year, a chance to refresh, reboot, re start or eventually, just start. Start to be confident, to be hopeful, fearless, bold, proud, strong. I always think about my resolutions when the year starts, but when asking a friend the other day what would be hers, she simply said she had things she wanted to achieve. And I think she’s absolutely right! Instead of listing bad habits we want to get rid of like: stop smoking, drinking, eating junk food, being pessimistic, we can approach it differently: being healthier, do more sports, face challenges of life etc…

I don’t have many goals to achieve for 2016, but the few I have are enormous lol! My year already started with a big change: a new city, new people, new lifestyle. They say change is good, but it can be scary and hold you back, sometimes you just don’t want to let go of your comfort zone but I learned that taking risk is often rewarding and if the experience is not so good or even bad, well it’s still good because at least you’ve tried. When I started the blog back in 2012 I knew I wanted to create a platform where I could express myself, write and share my love for fashion. It’s a wonderful way of self expression, and at some levels an art. Some might disagree but for me fashion occupies a big part of my life and allows me to express my creativity. I’ve never been the typical big fashionista with an head to toe designer look always street style or red carpet ready, but I have an eye. That eye got me to land enviable positions in world renowned luxury houses, where only a few people get to enter. I’ve tried but never seen myself doing something else, it seemed natural and obvious but at the same time so unattainable. I guess when you really want something so badly and you work hard to get it, it happens. It’s that drive I want to get back to, it’s this drive that will get me to the next chapter of my journey. Today living on the Continent* has opened new horizons for me, African fashion has never been so vibrant, some of it is still too green but some make the difference and the only reason they are not more seen and recognised by the fashion international scene is probably because the world is still scared of the Afro aesthetic (surprisingly, giving the number of designers inspired by Africa each season) thinking there is no market for it and therefore can’t be global… But back to our topic. Since change is good, this year I would like to approach the blog differently: fashion, culture and lifestyle will remain at the core of the site, covering everything inspirational, noteworthy I come across. I will be more regular in my posting (I promise to do the best I can!), and maybe a bit more personal and less informal, a mix of life diary (without revealing too much, having a secret garden is key people) and fashion inspirations. So happy new year to all, a year of changes and full of promises!

*I’ve been living in Lagos, Nigeria for the past 2 years and just moved to Accra, Ghana this month. But I’m still a Parisian in my heart!