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Vinyl is the bomb

Richie Finestra surrounded by his team (photo courtesy of HBO)
Richie Finestra surrounded by his
team (photo courtesy of HBO)

I have found my new favourite show, it’s Vinyl on HBO. Like all the shows I loved before it’s the authenticity and complete immersion in an era that makes it special. The story takes place in a raunchy, underground 70’s New York: between rock, soul, disco and punk movement the city is at his paroxysm in terms of music and creativity. The main character, a music mogul called Richie Finestra interpreted by Bobby Cannavale, founded a successful record company but is struggling to keep the business afloat. We discover about his past and how he had to sacrifice his friendship and work relation with a talented blues singer (perfect Ato Essandoh as Lester Grimes) to fulfill his own ambitions. The show mixes fiction and real life celebs protagonists: in the pilot Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin and his manager are portrayed and it’s said that famous personalities like Andy Warhol will be played in upcoming episodes. The whole cast is just as brilliant as the story, just to name a few: Olivia Wilde is Richie’s wife, we are not sure yet what her story is but we get some hints from first episode and it’s promising. James Jagger (son of) is raw and appealing as a punk band lead singer trying to get a record deal, but one of my favourite is Juno Temple as the mysterious Jamie Vine (love her silver glitter polish and outfits), Richie’s assistant who has a drawer full of drugs and money and clearly has much more ambition than making coffee. To be short watch the show because with Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire) and Mick Jagger behind it, you can not expect less than a master piece!

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