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Why I love Tracee Ellis Ross

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross
Actress Tracee Ellis Ross

Until she played Rainbow Johnson on hit TV show, Black.ish, Tracee Ellis Ross was just a another pretty actress, daughter of, which starred in this show called Girlfriends in the early 2000’s. Over the years I learned to really like her, mostly because of her character in Black.ish which I have the feeling is not too far from the real person: bubbly, smart, stylish, and incredibly appealing, a made to mesure role. Then there is her personality or at least what she shows through her Instagram account, she’s often goofy and, yes that might be weird to say but she actually smiles a lot (let’s be honest we all tend to try so hard to be cool these days on Insta pictures that we avoid smiling)! Despite her prestigious pedigree: her mother is the iconic Diana Ross and her dad a business music manager, Robert Ellis Silberstein, her brother Evan Ross is also an actor and musician, Tracee keeps it real and almost makes you feel you will have the best time in her company. She has style and obviously knows fashion without doing to much or trying to be someone she isn’t. Younger women can easily relate to Tracee who is intentionally or not a real role model and inspiration. Last but not least, I’m slightly obsessed with her hair and I’m sure I’m not the only one! This woman is simply a fresh bowl of air in a very formatted show business environment.

Black.ish airs on ABC, for more information visit here

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