Le Bazhaar

The new face of Feminism

Chanel Spring Summer 2015 show finale

Women are stronger than ever, standing up for themselves, fierce, assuming their choices at least for the most part. Hillary Clinton might become the first woman to be elected as a president in the United States, Rama Yade a brilliant French Senegalese politician, announced her candidacy for the presidential elections in France, everything seems possible and nothing is unattainable.  We are far from the days where feminism was first perceived as an “hysterical” and/or “frustrated”group of women outcasted by a male dominant society. Even if unfairness and cleavage remain today between both sexes, we have came a long way. Public figures are speaking out: numerous Hollywood actresses such as Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Lawrence or lately Taraji P. Henson have raised the issue of being underpaid compared to their male counterparts. Artist, singer, Beyonce, just released Lemonade a powerful visual album about relationships, betrayal, women’s struggle, and black identity (might post about this very soon!). To be a feminist today is easy and difficult at the same time: easy because there is definitely a fashion effect, but difficult because with it comes pressure of being resilient no matter what, how do you apply it in your everyday life? Being a feminist is not about rejecting men, but to be their equal as human beings, while respecting our differences (let’s be honest men and women are different, like each person is different from one another). I have hope that we are leaning towards that direction. Would I call myself a feminist? I don’t know, but probably yes, because each time I see a woman succeeding in whatever field, I feel proud, there is an invisible strength that pushes me. Like Mrs Clinton would say, it’s time to break that glass ceiling.