Le Bazhaar

In 2017 do your thing

Adwoa Aboah for H&M campaign (photography by
Dan Medhurst, image courtesy of H&M)

I would like to wish everyone an happy new year, may this year be happier and successful, this world more compassionate and peaceful. 2016 was the less we can say…Strange… Some things that didn’t made sense happened showing a shift in collective mentality, violence has reached new heights. This blog is not about political matters or world news however, one can’t ignore that our society has been going down a spiral of terror, fear and destabilization lately. But we keep moving forward, continue living the way we chose to, because that’s all we can do and that’s what we have to do otherwise humanity just stops, right ? On a lighter note, social media and fashion has never been so linked forcing brands to always offer something to excite their audience, producing always more clothing, products, this is great and giving the opportunity to everyone to be showcased, offering an unlimited source of information, however I can feel the burn out is not too far. ELLE magazine did an interesting article in their December issue where they depict the over consumption of social media by public figures and how they are trying to slowly take distance from it. Can we go back to a pace where we don’t always feel the urge to be on trend, to be ahead of others, and just go with the flow, do our own thing, follow our instincts ? Some new designers are already doing it : Jacquemus, the Vetements collective, Koche, or Wanda Nylon are escaping a formatted system. I don’t know about you but I just feel tired sometimes of this avalanche of information. Soon we will have no choice but to go back to a more traditional model for our own sake, and this will become the “new modern”. Have you noticed how the common resolution this year is not to have any resolutions ? Which I completely adhere to, we have finally understood that putting to much pressure on ourselves doesn’t lead anywhere. So for this year I just wish everybody to develop their strength and accept their weaknesses, be resilient, don’t settle for the minimum and be themselves, in a few words, just do your thing!