Le Bazhaar

Real shows

Atlanta cast (photography courtesy of FX)

Let’s talk about two shows I’ve been watching and loving, both shows have been created and produced by their lead actors, depicting an atypical vision of black America, and bringing a breeze of fresh air in TV’s landscape:

Atlanta, created, co produced and played by Donald Glover, FX.

The Plot: guys who are trying to succeed in the rap business in Atlanta. We follow the up and down adventures of Earn (Donald Glover) a young father struggling with small jobs and managing at the same time the burgeoning career of his cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry).

Why you should watch Altlanta? For the unconventional script. Forget about the bling or the trashy lifestyle, here you get the real thing, you will get attached and can even relate to the characters whose scatty situations will make you sometimes laugh or feel emotional. The multi talented Donald Glover and also a rapper himself (aka Childish Gambino), explains the authenticity and candor of the narrative.

Actress Issa Rae (photography courtesy of HBO)

Insecurecreated by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore, co produced and played by Issa Rae, HBO

The Plot: The professional and love life of two Afro American young women who happen to be best friends. The show focuses on Issa (Issa Rae), her unsatisfactory longtime relationship with boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis), and challenging job at a non profit organisation for middle school students of color. Her friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), is a successful associate in a law firm but struggles to find the right man.

Why you should watch Insecure? Because this was initially a mini web series called Akward black girl, Issa Rae character contradictions and energy is just addictive. Her funny faces, self talks when she stares at her mirror reflection and her rapping (the character Issa used to rap in high school) are hilarious. Kudos as well to Yvonne Orji playing Molly a sassy, at times sensitive or slightly neurotic gal longing for Mr Perfect.