Le Bazhaar


Vogue US March 2017 issue featuring a fearless new
generation of supermodels (image courtesy of Vogue US)

Today is Women’s Day and right now more than ever we need to remind people that women have never been more powerful, influential, no wonder worldwide magazines are dedicating their February and March issues to us. Glamour and Vogue US, W Magazine or recently French ELLE all have strong covers featuring models, actresses or personalities that are representative of this new wave of feminism. But let’s not forget that you, me, us, are the real spoke persons of this neo movement. Maybe when there will be no need anymore to dedicate a day to celebrate women the fight will be definitely won.

Glamour US February 2017 issue featuring the cast
of Girls (image courtesy of Glamour US)
W Magazine March 2017 issue featuring Donatella Versace, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica
Chastain, Taraji P Henson and Kate Moss (image courtesy of W Magazine)