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I watched the movie adapted from the real life of  Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci when I was a kid, I remember how fascinated and intrigued I was, but through the years I forgot about her. She won 3 gold Olympic medals at the 1976’s games of Montreal and was the first gymnast to ever had a perfect score of 10. When I saw that CR Fashion book dedicating a story to her I couldn’t be happier! By the way if you like dance and dancers’s world, go and buy right away the magazine as it’s a special issue. The mix with high fashion is splendid, normal, it’s Carine.

Nadia CR fashion book

Magazine: CR Fashion Book

Issue: 2

Fashion: Carine Roitfeld

Model: Magda Laguinge

Photographer: Sebastian Faena

Gentlewoman-Beyonce Knowles

The Gentlewoman is one of my favorite magazine even though I never read it from A to Z. I should probably before making this big statement, but by seeing the type of women they feature, I don’t need more proofs to know that this magazine has a smart approach and is inspiring to the modern women whether they are in the creative field or not. Beyonce is on the cover of the new issue which is awesome, when we think she can not be more on top she always manages to impress us, ah Beyonce…

Beyonce Knowles for the Gentlewoman SS13 issue
Beyonce Knowles for the Gentlewoman SS13 issue

Merry Merry Christmas!

I love this shoot with Gwen Stefani in Saint Laurent posing for Vogue US January issue. It could actually be my ideal outfit for the holidays: Mariachi style meets Hollywood old glamour, meets 70’s boho… An odd mix but somehow, it works. Merry Christmas!

Gwen Stefani photographed by Annie
Leibovitz for vogue us jan issue