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Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna, Beyonce, Tracee E. Ross on
this September covers (image from Fashion Sizzle)

I apologize in advance because I feel I’m about to enter the zone of the eternal debate about lack of diversity especially in fashion and entertainment industries but unless you have been hidden under a rock or completely out of the loop regarding fashion and what’s trending, you are probably aware of all the fuss around these year’s September covers. (more…)

Real shows

Atlanta cast (photography courtesy of FX)

Let’s talk about two shows I’ve been watching and loving, both shows have been created and produced by their lead actors, depicting an atypical vision of black America, and bringing a breeze of fresh air in TV’s landscape:

Atlanta, created, co produced and played by Donald Glover, FX.

The Plot: guys who are trying to succeed in the rap business in Atlanta. We follow the up and down adventures of Earn (Donald Glover) a young father struggling with small jobs and managing at the same time the burgeoning career of his cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry).

Why you should watch Altlanta? For the unconventional script. Forget about the bling or the trashy lifestyle, here you get the real thing, you will get attached and can even relate to the characters whose scatty situations will make you sometimes laugh or feel emotional. The multi talented Donald Glover and also a rapper himself (aka Childish Gambino), explains the authenticity and candor of the narrative.

Actress Issa Rae (photography courtesy of HBO)

Insecurecreated by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore, co produced and played by Issa Rae, HBO

The Plot: The professional and love life of two Afro American young women who happen to be best friends. The show focuses on Issa (Issa Rae), her unsatisfactory longtime relationship with boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis), and challenging job at a non profit organisation for middle school students of color. Her friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), is a successful associate in a law firm but struggles to find the right man.

Why you should watch Insecure? Because this was initially a mini web series called Akward black girl, Issa Rae character contradictions and energy is just addictive. Her funny faces, self talks when she stares at her mirror reflection and her rapping (the character Issa used to rap in high school) are hilarious. Kudos as well to Yvonne Orji playing Molly a sassy, at times sensitive or slightly neurotic gal longing for Mr Perfect.



First Date*

Michelle (Tika Sumpter) and Barack (Parker Sawyers) Image courtesy of Miramax/Roadside Attractions
Michelle (Tika Sumpter) and Barack (Parker Sawyers)
Image courtesy of Miramax/Roadside Attractions

During Summer 1989 in Chicago, Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama had their first date. Actually it’s not a date, at least at the beginning, as Michelle’s character likes to say it in the movie. This could be the ordinary start of a love story except that these two without knowing it will make history by becoming the first black American presidential couple. But the movie focuses on the obvious interest of intern’s Barack in the smart junior lawyer Michelle and how he progressively wins her heart. Even if the awakening of their complicity and love is the main focus here, we can already sense the political potential and charisma of Obama and chemistry with Michelle. Tika Sumpter as Michelle Robinson gives a really good interpretation, not an easy thing knowing that they look nothing alike except maybe their stature, however the thumbs up goes to Parker Sawyers perfect in charming messy young Obama with a promising bright future. Overall the movie is a pleasant, romantic stroll through the black middle class neighborhoods of Chicago, tinted of nostalgia of a bygone era.

The little plus: the 80’s soundtrack, especially Janet Jackson’s hit “Miss you much” and Soul II Soul “Keep on Movin’”.

*Southside with You is the original title.




Bowie Le magnifique

David Bowie in his legendary stripped bdysuit for the Aladdin Sane tour
David Bowie in his legendary stripped bodysuit designed
by Kansai Yamamoto for the Aladdin Sane tour

When the news broke that David Bowie passed away after battling liver cancer, millions of fans lost their idol. Until the last day he never stopped working and just released “Blackstar” his last album. No need to say how much he contributed to music, fashion and (more…)

Beaute Congo

Autoportrait from artist Moka
Autoportrait from artist Moka

It’s been a while since I wanted to post about this great exhibit, Beaute Congo 1925-2015, that I saw at the Fondation Cartier. The exhibit showcases the work of congolese artists such as Cheri Samba, Cheri Cherin, JP Mika, or Moke, a journey in the early days of Congolese art to nowadays masterpieces. Colours, love, (more…)

Happy 2015!

Holiday Inn movie 1942
Holiday Inn movie 1942

And here we are in 2015, new year, new beginnings, new resolutions… Hoping this year will be full of success, great surprises, peace, interesting challenges and joy like in the picture above. This is one of the movies I would have loved to watch during the holidays with a hot chocolate and Christmas cookies and maybe be transported (again) in the magic of this particular moment of the year. Funny how the good vibes of this image are drastically different from the dark place the world was then, a good example of hope for a better tomorrow when everything seems falling apart…

At the spa

I visited a couple of times the Clearessence Hotel Spa, I was quite impressed by the service quality and the overall experience. Especially in a busy city like Lagos, sometimes you just need a little escape. Inspired by the Californian lifestyle, the boutique hotel is a peaceful place where you can eat healthy dishes, drink fresh fruit juices and pamper yourself. The spa which is nested in a beautiful garden, offers a large range of luxurious treatments: from different sorts of massages, facials*, body treatments to mani pedi you can be sure you will feel relaxed and refreshed after a little visit!

IMG_0057 IMG_0054 IMG_0058 IMG_0062 IMG_0060

To experience or for more information about the Clearessence please visit


*The Clearessence uses its own line of products for facials (adapted for each skin type)

The Wives

Welcome to a brand new category called “Where I live”. I had the chance to live in different countries, and it might continues in the next couple of years so why not make the other benefits from my experience?! I am now between Lagos in Nigeria and Paris, two opposite worlds but with common factors such as a tremendous cultural, artistic environment and buzzing life. I would like to share with you my favourite spots and anything interesting happening in both cities. Talking of interesting, I went to see a play called, The Wives, starring Evaezi Ogoro, Odenike, Kaylah Oniwo, Olawumi Heavens, Patrick Diabuah and David Azeez. It’s about the drama, rivalry and dirty secrets between the wives and the sister of a powerful man who just died. It’s funny, sarcastic, clever with an unexpected twist at the end. They only had one day of representation at Terra Kulture (future post coming up on this venue!), but check out the production company Paw Studios website  for upcoming plays…








Men’s magnet

The gorgeous actress and mother of two, Jessica Alba shows off her amazing body for men’s publications, GQ UK August and Maxim September issues. Something tells us the readership of those two well known magazines will go to the roof this Summer!

Jessica Alba for Maxim September 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for Maxim September 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for GQ UK August 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for GQ UK August 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for GQ UK August 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for GQ UK August 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for GQ UK August 2014 issue
Jessica Alba for GQ UK August 2014 issue